I know what it is like to start a new coaching practice. There are so many unknowns such as how to start, get leads, manage finances, establish your brand, adopt your own coaching style, etc. I came from the corporate world, in an established career, with a comfortable income. However, I had a deeper calling to assist others through coaching, training and speaking. I have built a successful ADHD coaching practice, within a short period of time, and I have also helped other coaches start and run their practices. If you are interested in gaining more autonomy and need the assistance of a coach who has been where you are, call or email me. I would be pleased to assist you!


What can you expect from the training?


  • How to grow a successful coaching practice
  • Coaching methodologies
  • Operations Best Practices (calendaring, time for appointments, etc)
  • Lead Generation Options
  • How to effectively coach ADHD clients
  • A fellow coach who understands your challenges
  • Coaching Role Play
  • Coaching Session Reviews
  • Billing
  • Fees
  • Weekly appointment via Zoom
  • Brief check-ins
  • Text and email support

Basically, anything that comes up in your practice is on the table for us to work through!